About us

We build brands through effective promotions.

With Digital Displays as its primary marketing tool, View Point provides the widest reach and largest network unparalleled in Indonesia.


Established in 2011, View Point is the sole and exclusive Digital Display operator in Indonesia’s major hypermarkets. With this distinction, it has no competitor. Operating 12 hours 7 days a week, there are currently 1,400 Digital Displays reaching an estimated 30 million consumers a month across the archipelago. The company has gained traction since its inception, enjoying the trust and confidence of a consistently growing number of partner-clients and host locations. Through its affiliates, View Point also handles digital Out-of-Home promotional campaigns in Singapore, Philippines and Malaysia. PT Wahana Kreasi Raya, a member of Ancom Malaysia’s Redberry Media Group, provides management services to PT View Point Indonesia.

Our Philosophy

View Point operates within the guidelines of greater acceptance and use of Digital Displays as an effective Out-of-Home medium through reliable performance, out-of-the-box creative pitches and specialized content that is consumer-oriented and product-driven.

The company’s strengths rest on value-added services that were developed through sound strategies and thorough understanding of marketing needs. It advocates balanced use of above and below the line communication channels for truly effective influential campaigns.


Our Vision

Established in 2011, View Point aims to be the top marketing company in Indonesia focusing on Out-of-Home promotional campaigns. The company pursues this vision by delivering customized, creative and engaging communication solutions and innovative value-packed services backed by a highly competent team of professionals.

View Point continues to make significant gains year-on-year and plans are underway for further growth and expansion amid the industry’s increasing demand for its services.


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